Seventh International Conference on
July 01-04 2019 Marseille (France)


The seventh International Conference on Nonlinear vibrations, Localization and Energy transfer will be held by the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics. The laboratory is located on the dynamic Technopole de Château-Gombert which gathers some of the Aix-Marseille University poles dedicated to science, the Centrale Marseille engineering school and many entreprises and startups.


Marseille can be reached by high-speed train from Paris, Brussels or Barcelona.

Local airport is Marignane.


From the airport: Take the bus shuttle that takes you to the Saint-Charles railway station [+].

From the Vieux-Port or Saint-Charles railway station (about 25 minutes):

Take subway 1 (blue line, "Métro 1" on the French signs) towards "La Rose" until its terminus (about 15 minutes from "Vieux port").
After the subway exit turnstiles, turn right ("sortie 1") and take the B3B bus (pink and black long bus) for a short 5 minutes ride until the terminus "Technopole Château Gombert".
The main entrance of the laboratory is about 70 meters walk.

LMA access from B3B terminus

More info on the RTM website.

Hotels in the centre of Marseille

Many hotels are located next to the Vieux-Port. Here is a non exhaustive list of possibilities:

  • New Hotel [+]
  • La Résidence hotel [+]
  • Intercontinental hotel [+]
  • Carré Vieux Port hotel [+]
  • Hermes hotel [+]
  • Bellevue hotel [+]
  • Best Western hotel [+]
  • Escale Oceania hotel [+]
  • Europe hotel [+]
  • Alizé hotel [+]
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